Deities and Demons


Local article

UCLA — Police have confirmed that professor at University California Los Angeles has been killed. Dr. Andrew Donnelly taught Religious Studies and was well-regarded among his colleagues and students. One colleague and close friend, Ashley Francabandera, commented, “It makes no sense. The man had no enemies. He was happy in his life, and there was no way that could have been a suicide….”

Few details of the death have been released, but police have revealed that the weapon used in the professor’s death was a sword. “According to the coroner report, he was stabbed and slashed with a bladed weapon,” Police Chief Jackson Retner told reporters yesterday.

Police have yet to verify if witness claims of seeing Dr. Donnelly’s body without a head at the scene of the crime are true. At this point in time, police have also not announced whether they have suspects or not. Perhaps they are just as baffled at this case as others.



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