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Title: Strange dream about butterflies

User: justaresearcher

I don’t normally buy into the weird things that get posted here; it’s more of a passing interest. But something recently changed my perspective. Well, there were two incidents, but I think they were connected.

First, the murder of that UCLA professor happened. I saw the office and it was terrible. It was something that no human could have done. Then there was the smell of sulfur. I didn’t notice it at first, but it was there. I’ve read that that smell can be associated with demons. I mean, I know it sounds like I’m trying to rationalize away from it being a human killer, but I believe it might have been something…otherworldly.

And that leads me to my second incident. I had a very strange but all too real dream. I was walking along in this empty space and then I saw a butterfly in this light. I stepped into it and suddenly I was floating upwards. The butterfly split off into other butterflies then they all came together and became this… I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s different than anything I’ve ever seen fact or fiction. It was this sphere of eyes and feathers or something. It spoke and said that there was something evil that’s been summoned and that I need to find the power in my soul. That’s when a woman appeared before me before disappearing.

I really don’t understand this at all. Does anyone else know what this might be about? Has anyone had a similar dream? It was too real for me to just brush aside. Plus, I felt like that woman was still there with me when I woke up.

Local article

UCLA — Police have confirmed that professor at University California Los Angeles has been killed. Dr. Andrew Donnelly taught Religious Studies and was well-regarded among his colleagues and students. One colleague and close friend, Ashley Francabandera, commented, “It makes no sense. The man had no enemies. He was happy in his life, and there was no way that could have been a suicide….”

Few details of the death have been released, but police have revealed that the weapon used in the professor’s death was a sword. “According to the coroner report, he was stabbed and slashed with a bladed weapon,” Police Chief Jackson Retner told reporters yesterday.

Police have yet to verify if witness claims of seeing Dr. Donnelly’s body without a head at the scene of the crime are true. At this point in time, police have also not announced whether they have suspects or not. Perhaps they are just as baffled at this case as others.


A blue butterfly appears in your vision. It moves toward you and then away. It approaches and fills your field of vision before it suddenly flutters away toward a distant light. You follow, drawn towards it helplessly. The space around you is empty, devoid of any color or shape. You continue forward for what feels like days. Finally, you reach a pillar of light that seems to descend from nowhere. The butterfly floats within the light as if beckoning you to it.

You step into the light, and you are floating up into the air. The butterfly splits into many butterflies, each a different color. They swarm around you and then fly away from the light, gathering into a large mass. Everything becomes bright, and you are blinded for a moment.

When you can see again, a creature composed of feathered wings, eyes and a single mouth at the center of its mass floats before you. It speaks with a voice that fills you with a sense of both comfort and awe. Every word it utters echoes in your head.

“A great evil has been summoned to your world. Find the true power within your self to defeat it.”

When these words have been said, you feel something within you stir and awaken. A form appears before you. You feel as if it has always been a part of you and that it will guide and protect you. It quickly fades from your sight, but you still feel it deep within you.

You awake with a start. That dream you had felt all too real, and you can still feel that presence from the end of the dream. Something is different about you. Something new.


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